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Weight Loss With VLCD, LCD
New Direction Weight Control System
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Intrinsic Coaching for Joy and Success
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At Clear Outlook™ We See Your Success

The Clear Outlook™, LLC team includes a nurse practitioner, registered dietitian and collaborative cardiologist physician, who will give you proven tools, empowering YOU to improve your health and attain your goal weight.

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Health is more than the absence of disease. Put yourself in the driver’s seat to success. We will be your expert guides. Your body has an innate intelligence and we give you the tools to support your body in turning off disease producing genes, turning on health promoting genes using the applied science of epigenetics.

We all know obesity is a major health risk. At this time, more than three in five Americans are overweight. We know obesity can be the cause of many life threatening diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, depression, hypertension and cancer.

We take your Why to commit and make it your How to commit…to the desire of creating new habits, new recipes, new activities.

Your success is personalized and unique to your priorities.

We take the best of science and add the art of intrinsic coaching and experience delivered through our heartfelt presence personalized for you.  

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